Punished Again

I really thought I was going to be a good little sub who always earned praise. I thought I’d never do anything to warrant punishment. Guess I was wrong. 😦

I spent the day like a silly school girl, waiting for Him to log on. I missed Him when He wasn’t around. So I found various things to do online (chatting on CollarMe) to distract myself while I waited.

In the process, I forgot to do my daily exercises.

Tonight, He asked me how the exercises went today and I realized I hadn’t done them. I told Him that and immediately went to do them. When I came back, He had punishment waiting for me.

I was to insert my larger dildo into my ass and leave it there for 10 minutes.

I really dislike this. But I know that I must get used to things in there because He likes anal sex. When we do finally move to r/l then I will have to be ready.

I am lucky that something that is part of my training anyway was used as my punishment, but that knowledge didn’t make it any easier to take.

I knew I was sitting there because He was unhappy with me.


~ by M on February 2, 2010.

One Response to “Punished Again”

  1. Everyone feels punishment differently; however, if I may, perhaps you cold look at your mistakes as lessons, of growth. No one person is always perfect, it would be exceptionally unrealistic to assume so. You made an error and you accepted your punishment and now you will move forward and hopefully not make that same mistake again.

    Life is all about lessons. And the lessons are what brings us the most success.


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