My First Taste

All of this came about because last week I decided to post on Craig’s List that I wanted to experience being with a woman. That same day, I told my friend what I had done and he encouraged it. It opened up the door for him to tell me that he is a Dom, and later in the conversation it was decided that we would work towards training me to be His.

Since that day, I’ve been in email contact with a woman I’ll call B. Her initial response to my post was just warm and open and everything I felt I was looking for. In comparison, I received a lot of one-liners and even one offer of lesbian prostitution. But everything about B felt right. Her tenderness oozed through her emails to me. She understood that I have been sheltered and she knew what I wanted and needed. We exchanged fantasies, some including her husband.

Today, I went to her house for some playtime. This is my account of the afternoon that I sent to Him.

When I got there, this incredibly beautiful woman answered the door in a black teddy. She ushered me in and immediately put me at ease by calling me Sweetie and smiling at me. I followed her into her bedroom and she invited me to sit down and offered me something to drink. I was glad she did because I was nervous and my mouth felt incredibly dry! When she came back, she just started talking to me about normal stuff. Asking me about where I live, if I have roommates, etc. We talked about our jobs (well, my lack of one) and some other things… I don’t really remember what. I just remember feeling at ease, as if I’d known her forever. And somewhere in there, I told her about you. She also turned some lesbian porn, probably

Then she told me she was going to give me a massage. She was really good about easing me into this. She knew I was nervous and she handled it amazingly well. She pulled my shirt off and removed my bra, and instructed me to remove my pants and panties. Then I laid in the middle of her bed, and she rubbed me down with some lotion. Her touch was soft and relaxing. She talked to me, asking about the times I’ve been with men. What I liked, what I didn’t. Somewhere in there she asked me about my time in Denver. I was focusing on her hands, so I’m a little surprised I answered all of her questions! Then she instructed me not to move and she took off her teddy. She rubbed her breasts all over me. My back, my ass, my legs. It was very erotic. Then she had me roll over on my back. The first thing she told me was that I have beautiful titties and she began rubbing them. She rubbed my front with lotion the way she did my back. Then she rubbed her breasts all over my front, including my pussy. I was definitely wet and breathing harder at this point. She scooted up so that her breasts were right in front of my face (I’m pretty sure she did that on purpose to see what I’d do) so I took her gorgeous pierced nipple into my mouth. I got a little overzealous and she had to remind me to be gentle. I sucked on both of her nipples for a few moments and then we kissed. It was a pretty good kiss too. Then she used her mouth and worked her way down my body. She paid a lot of attention to my nipples and breasts before moving on to my stomach and below.

When she got to my pussy, she teased me. She licked everywhere but where I wanted her to. And I loved every minute of it. But finally… her tongue parted my lips and licked my clit… and from then on out, I was in heaven. No one has ever licked my pussy the way she did. And I came. Boy, did I cum. But then, she got a toy out of her drawer. She slowly inserted into my pussy, waiting to see how I’d react to it. Then she started moviing it. Slowly and not very far at first. At my first moan, she was off and running with it. And that was a totally new sensation. It wasn’t the most pleasant of things at first… my pussy is very very tight, and it was stretching me pretty good. But the more she fucked me with it, the more I noticed a different sensation. One that was building and building… I came again. In a way I never had before. In a way that left my entire body tingling. I couldn’t move for a second or two. She went to wash off the toy, and when she came back she said it was time to see what I could do.

So I started in a similar way to her. I rubbed her breasts and played with her nipples. I sucked her nipples and swirled my tongue around them. And then, I kissed my way down her body. I licked her thighs. Her outer pussy lips. The top of her mound. And I did that again, teasing her just a little the way she had done me. Then I settled in and gave her one good lick right up her slit. She gave a little moan, and I dove in. I licked, and I swirled my tongue, and I sucked. She’s a moaner so I had tons of encouragement that I was doing it right and she was enjoying it. I knew she was really enjoying it when her hips got into it. And a few times her moans got a couple octaves higher. I knew she was close, so I didn’t let up. I went faster and harder and finally she gave a final moan and pushed my head off of her. She lay there panting for a moment before asking, “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” (Probably the highlight of my week).

We lay there for a few moments, she played with my breasts a little more and she got up to smoke. We talked for awhile longer. I got dressed and she got her husband to introduce to me.

Then… I left and came home. And realized just how incredibly tired I am. 🙂

He was happy I had such a good time, but He was a wee bit disappointed that it was so tame. I had to point out that nothing about the afternoon was tame for me, as I was both having sex with a complete stranger and she was a she.

Either way… it was an amazing afternoon. And I look forward to many more like it.


~ by M on February 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “My First Taste”

  1. Your first experience with a woman appears to have been a wonderful one and I am very happy for you that you received such enjoyment. I think you were exceptionally brave and daring. WOW.

    Happy experimenting!


  2. […] Would I Choose This? It’s certainly been an emotionally trying few days. After the awesomeness that was B, I ended up crying myself to sleep Wednesday […]

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