Moving Forward

After some pretty intense self-searching and talking to other Doms and subs, I made the decision to break ties with my current Dom.

I am grateful to him for introducing me to this lifestyle and helping me put a name to the things I’ve been feeling my whole life. But I don’t see us being compatible in a D/s capacity.

This does not mean my journey is over or that I won’t continue to explore my sexuality and what it means to be a sub. I truly believe I am meant to be a sub. This isn’t what I want; it’s who I am.

All it means is that things will go a little slower and at a pace I’m comfortable with. I won’t stop writing here. I will continue to chronicle my thoughts and feelings as I experience new things, which I hope is often. πŸ™‚


~ by M on February 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Moving Forward”

  1. M,
    Change is a constant in all of our lives and I believe that even when the change does not feel necessarily great, in the end it is. Time is often all a person needs; time and understanding of what he/she wants.

    I wish you all the best with learning more about yourself, understanding more of what you desire, crave and want and in exploring other like minded individuals.

    What a huge growth in such a short period of time. πŸ™‚


  2. I have found, for me, being submissive is not a thought process, but a way of looking at who I am. It is part of me. Entwined in every fiber of my being. It’s not a switch that I can turn off or on. Sometimes He doesn’t understand that, and is decidedly frustrated with how I am in certain situations. I don’t even think of myself in terms of “submission and domination” anymore. But everything I say and do is a reflection of this thing that I am.

  3. I have learned time and time again that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and sometimes which a person will be is impossible to see at the time and indeed some fall into more than one. I think something wonderful has happened from this experience for you, a seed was sown, a call made that your soul and essence answered and you head off on a new direction having learned a little more about yourself. Life is a journey and one in which we continually evolve and I wish you good companions to share this journey with no matter how short a time they are in your life for as you can see sometimes the impact is not relative to the length of time they are with you.

    A quote I like says “Don’t cry because it’s over…SMILE because it happened”


  4. Thanks for the comments. I feel good with my choice. At the same time, I feel a little lost. I was exploring this side of me with someone I know. Now I’m not.

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