First Time

No, not that first time. But I got tied up for the first time this weekend. I also got spanked and bitten for the first time.

It was a good weekend. A weekend of firsts.

I drove down Wednesday night. He was asleep when I got there, so I just locked the door and climbed into bed with him. He never woke up (I did try to wake him!) but he somehow knew I was there and wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. Then he grabbed my ass. And yes, he really was still asleep.

The next night was the more…gentle night. He held me, stroked me, caressed me. He bit my shoulder and I thought I would cum instantly. He licked me and sucked my clit. He used his fingers. He fucked me with my vibrator before he fucked me himself. It was everything I wanted – he was in total control.

The next day, I made him watch my favorite movie (Rent). So he decided that the only way he could make it through the musical was if I gave him a hand job during. After an hour and a half of me rubbing his cock, he picked me up and sat me on his cock as soon as the movie ended. It didn’t take long for him to cum – and he made it clear that it was only for his pleasure, not mine. But lucky for me, I got a huge thrill out of being used for his pleasure so it didn’t bother me at all not to cum. He did, and that’s what mattered.

The next afternoon he started telling me that as soon as the sun went down, I’d be his. He wanted me anxious and waiting. I knew it involved clothesline and him tying me up, but I didn’t know what exactly he’d do. I was on pins and needles for the last few hours of daylight. As soon as it was dark, he ordered me to strip and he tied each of my arms and legs to the bed. He left a little give… I could close my knees if necessary (and it was necessary, to hold my vibrator in place). He teased my cunt and my pussy with the vibrator. I started getting sensitive and tried to close my knees, but he forced them open and continued his play. He teased my nipples with the vibrator (which was an amazing sensation – usually I’m not sensitive at all). When he decided I’d had enough teasing, he untied my legs and fucked me with my feet over his shoulders. He wanted to know where I thought he should cum – in me, on me, or in my mouth. I would have been happy with any of them, but he decided to cum inside of me and have me lick it off his cock. Which, coincidentally, was the first time I ever put his cock in my mouth. I have to say – tasting both myself and him on his cock was a massive turn on. And something else I’d never done before.

The next day, I learned I like to be spanked while fucked from behind (this was also the first time I was ever fucked from behind). Earlier in the day, we were both satisfied after a nice little bout of fucking. I was sore by this point, so we took it easy most of the day. But I knew it was my last night there, so I wasn’t ready to be done with all of the fucking (my previous visits had far less sex and touching). But this is when he decided to assert his dominance by ordering me to take initiative. He wanted me to take his cock into my hands or mouth. And for a good while, I froze up. As I mentioned in the comments of my previous post, I’m a little shy when it comes to the penis. But eventually, my own wants took over and I used my hands and mouth to please him. He got harder and allowed me to ask for whatever I wanted. I asked him to hold me and caress me the way he did a few nights prior before he fucked me again. And he did. And he remembered how I reacted to the biting, and he got a little rambunctious. I loved every second of it (had a bruise the next morning!). He had me get on my hands and knees and he went to town fucking me until I couldn’t take it anymore. This time he came in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. And I got to see a man’s entire body tremble from an orgasm – yet another first.

It was an amazing weekend. I was fucked almost more times than I was in the last year. And for the first time, I had an orgasm during sex. He took great pride knowing that it was the best sex I ever had. And that I’ve been walking around sore as hell for the last two days.


~ by M on March 2, 2010.

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