On the matter of kissing

One of my favorite things to do is to kiss. It’s a serious turn on. If I’m standing  and get a really great kiss, I can literally feel the wetness begin to gush between my legs.

Kissing is good.

Sadly, he doesn’t like to kiss. We’ve kissed exactly once. And he only did it because I had complained that we didn’t, I was in an uncomfortable position, and he was trying to make me feel good about it.

I really appreciated that. I see now that it was a sacrifice on his part, because he doesn’t enjoy it.

I’ve asked him if it’s kissing in general or kissing me that he’s opposed to, and of course he says it’s just in general. And it really does make me kind of sad.

Kissing is intimate. To me, it’s far more intimate than the act of sex. Of course, I think kissing is a huge part of foreplay, but I also like kissing when there’s no sex involved. I’m saying goodbye after a weekend of fun? Let’s kiss goodbye. You’re leaving for work? I’d like to give you a kiss on your way out the door. I’m feeling particularly fond of you in the moment? I’d love to give a quick kiss.

But none of that is a part of this relationship. It’s an adjustment. There were so many times this weekend when he was sitting propped up in bed, and I wanted to straddle him and kiss him and tease him with my tongue… but I didn’t because kissing is so off limits. I don’t know how to tease him without sticking my hand on his crotch.

I guess it’s just another way that I feel like a fish out of water when it comes sexual things.


~ by M on March 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “On the matter of kissing”

  1. I feel for you, hon and I totally agree… kissing is *the best*. I have a category on my blog for kissing… 23 posts so far. Luckily, as the D-type, I get to kiss whenever I want.


  2. Very yummy posts under that category!

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