Orgasm Control

Monday night I got my first lesson in real orgasm control.

I’d grown accustomed to always asking before I came, but he had never denied me. Until Monday night.

He had decided that night was all about him. He was going to cum, but I wasn’t. But somewhere in there he decided that he wanted to fuck me with my vibrator. It was the first time he’d really decided to fuck me with it. Usually, he teased me for a few minutes or inserted it and held it in place. This time was different.

It didn’t take long before I felt that familiar pressure building between my legs. I obediently asked if I could cum, and instead of the usual approval I was greeted by silence. I knew that if I came without his consent, I would be punished.

It took every ounce of self control I had. I don’t know how I managed to keep myself from orgasm for so long (it felt like eternity, but was really only a minute or two), but when I neared my breaking point he seemed to know it and allowed me to let go.

It was incredible.


~ by M on March 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Orgasm Control”

  1. I really wonder why you need to control yourself.
    Such intentional conscious is nothing but the obstacle.
    When its come let it cum.
    Then second cum is even better, third one would be terrific.
    ( And the woman loose conscious even become incontinent)
    You can continue as long as you want, provided your mate can
    continue as well.
    As the matter of fact, the control of a man having much more
    difficulty. It seems sexual reaction among the European
    having the trouble in ” Sustainability “.
    In the West, when a man felt “I conquered” buy insertion,
    he ejaculate. But in the East, when the woman cum and
    contract, then the man feel ” I’ve done” and cum.
    This is the reason how a Myth of so-called Tantra-Sex was
    invented. No such things in the east. Its a western invention,
    and it is how the man was programed in the east.
    (Program mean, socially implanted—–it is not instinct)
    The boys are grown up hearing, reading “How A MAN should be”
    and this understanding is imprinted into subconsciousness.

  2. Hope you start writing again soon and let us know if he’s keeping you in denial.


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