It Lies!

At his request, I shaved before this visit. Well, more accurately, I Nair’d and shaved. Something I’ve done before, but it left me a little more irritated than it has in the past.

And I had forgotten how I seem to be constantly wet whenever I’m bare down there. There are certainly new sensations – I feel my panties in a way I don’t normally. And even walking seems to cause an increase in wetness.

And the reason I say it lies? I’m not aroused. Not conciously, at least. Just because I’m wet doesn’t mean that I’m ready to be fucked with abandon.

What I am ready for is for someone to make me beg to be fucked.


~ by M on June 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “It Lies!”

  1. Interesting that you can be wet but not aroused. I thought the two kind of went hand in hand. And hope you’re made to beg before you get fucked because you seem to want that.


  2. …you and me both!

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