A little homework…

I have a new friend who asked me to do something for him tonight, because I couldn’t find the words to do it earlier this afternoon: describe what I feel when I touch my clit.

This is tough for me, not only because I rarely use my fingers to touch myself, but because when I do, I don’t get a lot out of it. Touching myself with my own fingers doesn’t do much for me (or anything, actually). But this is my best effort.

My hand slides beneath the waistband of my panties, and immediately I feel warm and lightly wet beneath my fingers. Because of the conversation we’d just had, I feel a slick heat that is remnant of the arousal you’d stirred in me. My clit protrudes from between my pussy lips, though less so than when I am significantly turned on. I press into it with my index finger and feel a slight tingle.  I can move my hood back, further evidence that my arousal is diminished. The sensation is not unpleasant, but it feels very calculated and…academic.

And… there you have it. My best effort.


~ by M on June 23, 2010.

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