So this isn’t surprising at all…

I’ve seen this test floating around, so I thought I’d see what kind of submissive I am.

Your result for The submissive type Test…


You scored 17% Humiliation, 57% Submissiveness, 43% Service, and 50% Pain!

You’re the submitter, what you crave is the feeling of submission, to be in someone else’s control, to feel used, you enjoy that feeling alot you feel better when you’re under someone’s control, you can forget about your problems, and just be yourself.

You don’t have a special need for your Dom to enjoy himself although in every relationship you probably want your partner to enjoy his/her time. It’s just that it’s not more importnant to you then your own enjoyment. you’ll enjoy scening or long term relationships, but you won’t enjoy serving someone, unless he orders you around alot while you do 🙂

You can see by your scores of pain and humiliation whether you want those, from what i know most of your type will like either one of those alot along with their submissive feeling, but ofcourse the different types of submissives are many and I might be wrong, it might be just that feeling of relinquishing power to someone.

If you enjoyed my test and you are a bi female why not hop over and do my other test? The BDSM threesome Test

Take The submissive type Test at OkCupid


~ by M on June 30, 2010.

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