Wet Panties

I met Ecne for the first time today. We met at this local coffeeshop, and I was completely nervous and totally excited to finally meet the man I’ve begun to think of as Daddy.

When I got there, I looked around but didn’t see him. I began to worry that somehow I’d not recognized him when I heard a loud psssst behind me. I turned around and there he was, smiling at me. I hadn’t missed him; he’d not been sitting there just before.

I walked over and sat down and waited like a good girl while he cleared away his laptop and finished up some work. Then he looked at me with these incredible dark eyes and smiled.

I may have melted under the table as a result of that gaze.

Then he asked me about the stud in my nose – I hadn’t realized he didn’t know about that or my tattoo. We chatted like old friends for awhile. At one point he took my hand in his and began massaging it, rubbing his hands all over mine, and up my arm. But the conversation never wavered. It was the first time we touched, and I loved every sensation.

He would stare at me occasionally, and I’d blush and look away. I’d usually ask him to stop staring, but he usually wouldn’t. He said he liked looking at me, but I know that part of it was just that he liked making me blush.

After awhile, he told me that he wanted to go somewhere so he could kiss me. I’m pretty sure I stayed calm on the outside, but my insides were certainly jumping all over the place. We drove to a semi-secluded spot, and as soon as I had the car in park, he leaned over and kissed me. It started gentle but the intensity grew.

Let’s just say that I’d be okay if we never stopped kissing. Except… I want more.

His hand wandered down my shirt, but I was focusing more on his lips, his tongue, his breath…

It was very nice.

I wish we hadn’t had the restraint of the car, but in a way I’m glad we did. I’m glad he and I have taken so long to get to know one another before we met and before we start playtime.

And I’m terrified yet very ready for playtime with daddy to start. He’s going to have me do some deliciously wicked things.

And I had to change my panties when I got home. They were drenched.

Anticipation is beautiful.


~ by M on July 6, 2010.

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